The Newburyport Daily News featured a story today on our founder, Evan Heenehan. The piece, written by staff writer Paul Leighton, explained how Evan came to found the company, and how he learned to grow cannabis indoors—a not insignificant feat, given how tricky it can actually be.

Evan described what he went through, methodically testing strains, equipment and grow techniques, until he developed best practices that would allow him to provide expert in-home cultivation services to local cannabis enthusiasts. During his interview with Evan, Leighton met one of those enthusiasts, Barry Levine, an attorney and Marblehead resident. Levine showed him his grow tent and plants, and exclaimed, “For an old hippie like me, this is a fantasy!”

The piece went on to explain what good value our home cultivation service is, and how we help our customers produce high quality, organic cannabis for about half the price they’d pay at a dispensary.

One thing we’d add to this great piece is the option of garden sharing. Not everyone who’s interested in home cultivation will be able to use everything they grow, and a simple solution we offer is to share the cost and harvest with friends.

To get the full story, read “Business makes house calls to grow marijuana.” Interested in the idea of sharing a cannabis garden? Learn more.