1. Has Teen Use Changed in States with Legal Cannabis?

    Opponents of cannabis legalization have been predicting a big up-take in teen consumption in states where recreational use is permitted. Their logic: legalization legitimizes use, and teens who’d wavered when it was against the law to partake, will see no reason not to join their consuming friends when it’s legal. Well, it seems that the alarmists were wrong. Studies have shown the very opposi…Read More

  2. Cannabis and the Teen Brain

    If you consume cannabis recreationally, there’s a good chance you started when you were young — research indicates the median age of first consumption is around 17 to 19, and for those who started before adulthood, it’s even younger — closer to 15.  You may also have heard about recent research claiming that cannabis can negatively impact brain development in teens, and cognitive function…Read More

  3. Cannabis and Parenting

    In an article in Parents, “Weed and the American Family,” you’ll discover how open many U.S. parents are about their cannabis use today. Based on a Yahoo/Marist College poll of 1,122 U.S. adults, the article offers some surprising findings: 54% of pot smokers are parents, and 30% have children under the age of 30. 47% of weed smokers admit to partaking in front of their children. Among paren…Read More