1. The Goldilocks Zone: Getting the Right Amount of Light, Water, and Nutrients

    Even if you are a natural green thumb, if you’ve never grown cannabis before, there is an enormous amount of information you need to learn before setting up your grow space. In order for your plants to thrive, you need to get the environment just right — in the “Goldilocks Zone,” if you will. While there is much more that goes into finding that perfect balance, in this article, we will foc…Read More

  2. Are Commercial Vape Cartridges Safe?

    Many cannabis consumers have switched from smoking to vaping, believing that vaping is healthier than smoking. If the concentrate is pure, vaping is safer than smoking, because vaping heats and atomizes the cannabis concentrate at lower temperatures, and so does not release the potentially harmful free radicals that are released through smoking bud. If you’re vaping, you should be aware that not…Read More

  3. Ecample of ecarboxylation of cannabis from our home grow service in Massachusetts

    About Decarboxylation: Converting THC

    Unless you smoke, vape or cook cannabis, you won’t experience the medical or recreational properties of THC.  That’s because heat causes decarboxylation—a process where THC is converted to a form that enables it to bond to CB receptors in the body. But smoking, vaping and cooking are very imprecise ways of decarboxylating cannabis—much of the THC’s potency can be lost through these trad…Read More