1. Delicious Cannabis-Infused Baked Goods for the Fall

    As the weather gets cooler, there is nothing better than filling your home with warmth and delicious scents by baking up some autumn-inspired baked goods. Here at Home Grow Community, we encourage our home growers to experiment with using cannabis in the kitchen. Fall is a particularly good time to jump into this hobby, as the chilly temperatures keep you inside and longing for something tasty to …Read More

  2. Cannabis-Infused Cocktail Recipes for Fall

    This time of year beckons you to slip into a sweater and curl up in front of the fire with a loved one by your side and a cocktail in your hand. At Home Grow Community, we enjoy using our home grown cannabis to create tinctures that are the perfect addition to autumn-inspired cocktails. Check out a list of our favorite cannabis-infused cocktail recipes for fall!  Cannabis Cocktail Safety   Bef…Read More

  3. Cannabis-Enhanced Fall Produce Recipes

    We love fall for the cooler weather, changing leaves, and perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to get back into the kitchen. Long gone are the days when it was too hot to make anything but a pasta salad; now it’s time to turn on the oven and fill your table with autumnal delights. Fortunately, there are a variety of delectable seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are perfect for the …Read More

  4. Cannabis-Enhanced Activities: 10 Fun Things to Do This Fall, Part 2

    Here are five more ideas for things that are fun by themselves, but more enjoyable with a little cannabis. 6. Take a walk in the woods Love the changing color of fall, but hate the traffic in the mountains? Consider going for a leaf-peeping hike instead. There are plenty of beautiful places nearby where you can experience the beauty of autumn. A leaf walk or hike is much more engaging than a leaf …Read More

  5. Cannabis-Enhanced Activities: 10 Fun Things to Do This Fall, Part 1

    We think of summer as a laid-back time, but it can also be hot, buggy and crowded. Fall, on the other hand, has many surprising virtues: it’s crisp, cool and invigorating. There are tons of things to do, and most of them are way more fun with a little weed added to the experience. Here are just a few things to try in the city, country, beach or at home. If going by car, make sure you have a desi…Read More

  6. Hosting a Cannabis Tasting

    You may have attended a wine tasting or enjoyed a flight of beer at a brewery, but cannabis tastings are a relatively new festivity that is quickly catching on in legal states. While cannabis has been a central component of many social situations, a cannabis tasting shifts the spotlight onto the plant. Now instead of ducking outside to enjoy a joint mid-party with a few open-minded pals, these can…Read More

  7. Cannabis & Summer BBQs

    It’s finally summer. Temperatures are rising, vacations are booked, and it seems like there is a barbecue to attend every weekend. BBQs are a great opportunity to gather with friends and family and celebrate the season, so why not raise everyone’s spirits with a decadent cannabis-infused dish? Below we have collected some of the best cannabis recipes from across the web that would be perfect f…Read More

  8. Most Popular Cannabis Infusions

    Smoking cannabis is just the tip of the iceberg — once your cannabis has been harvested, you can process it from consumption in many different ways, including infusing it into food and drink. It may seem that cannabis infusions are just the latest trend, but in actuality, cannabis has been used in food and drink for thousands of years — the earliest recording in history is from 1000 BCE on the…Read More

  9. Cannabis Themed Dining

    While red tape may be keeping dispensary openings in Massachusetts to a snail’s pace, the unregulated side of recreational cannabis—what some are calling the Pot Leisure Economy—is starting to take off. Area chefs are offering private tasting events with cannabis infused gourmet fare.  A pre-Thanksgiving meal hosted by Mass Cannabis Chefs last fall included spaghetti squash carbonara, smoke…Read More