1. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week 12

    Drying My Weed After drying for 10+ days, it was time last week to move on to curing. First off Evan shut the exhaust and circulation fans down in the grow tent. Strangely quiet after 12 weeks of steady whirring… Then we took the hanging stalks down, one strain at a time. As we’d made a lot of the Jack Herer into hash, we only had one string of stalks, so we began with that. We carefully snipp…Read More

  2. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week 11

    Harvest! Last Friday a group of family and friends joined us for a working harvest celebration. Evan, Bill and I cut down my plants, placed the bud-laden stalks into bins for each of the three types I’d grown (Jack Herrer, OG Kush and Critical CBD), emptied the soil into my compost pile, and then passed out snippers to the team. After 30 minutes or so we all agreed it was time to sample a little…Read More

  3. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Ten

    Evan visited today and we defoliated my plants. As someone who grew up during the Vietnam war, the word “defoliation” immediately conjures up images of U.S bombers dropping Napalm on the jungle. This exercise in defoliation couldn’t have been any farther from that scene of destruction. Think instead of kindly, nurturing gardeners, carefully removing unnecessary leaves—pretty much every eas…Read More

  4. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Nine

    A quiet week here on the farm. Evan came yesterday and said my plants were doing quite well—full into the flowering stage, with nice big buds developing. After the inspection, he took each plant out and trimmed back almost a third of the foliage—this will put more plant energy into bud growth and resin development during the final two weeks leading up to harvest—then returned them to the gro…Read More

  5. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Eight

    I look forward to Evan’s visits each week, because he answers all the questions I’ve saved up for him. My first question for him was, when I watered two days before, I noticed some yellow leaves, mostly lower down on the plants. Was that a sign of a problem? If the yellowing occurred throughout the plants, or on top leaves, Evan explained it could be a sign of a problem—nitrogen deficiency, …Read More

  6. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Seven

    I have to confess to a bit of neglect. Misty and I went down to Long island to visit her sister for the weekend, and left my cannabis garden un-watered for three days. I’m afraid, with their rapid growth, they were pretty thirsty, and may have exhausted their water by Sunday morning, as I saw quite a few yellowing leaves when I unzipped the grow tent Monday morning! Turns out this wasn’t as mu…Read More

  7. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Six

    I’m amazed at the progress my plants have made in the past six weeks! As I told Evan, if they were any more robust, they’d unzip the tent, fetch their own water and water themselves… Yesterday we took my six plants out of the grow tent so we’d have better access to each for trimming and training. I helped Evan snip off some of the bottom leaves and any yellowing leaves from each plant, and…Read More

  8. Where to Grow Cannabis at Home

    In Massachusetts, you can only grow cannabis in a locked room or enclosed space. Unless you have a lockable greenhouse or walled/fenced garden, that pretty much rules out growing outdoors in soil, which is OK, as indoor growing is faster and yields better results. If growing indoors, you’ll need to consider the space needed, temperature, exhaust and security when you select where to set-up your …Read More

  9. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Five

    My First Legal Cannabis With the last of my personal stash running out and my dealer on vacation for the next two weeks, I decided to give a recreational cannabis shop a try for the first time. The nearest store to me is in Wareham MA, a 45-50 minute drive from my house. Expecting a crush of weekend shoppers, I decided to go early Thursday morning to avoid a long wait. Arriving about 15 minutes af…Read More

  10. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Weeks Three and Four

    Last week was quite a busy week in my cannabis garden. Right before the long 4th of July weekend, we culled out the three weakest plants (one each of Jack Herer, OG Kush and Critical CBD) to make more grow room for the six strongest plants. A hard choice! Only one of the nine original plants would have qualified as a “runt”—the other two we chose to cull were just a fraction shorter and had …Read More