1. Update on Adult-Use Dispensaries in Massachusetts

    We’d love to report that the pace of dispensary openings has picked up, but unfortunately, licensing and local approval is still moving slowly. There are now 30 recreational dispensaries in the Commonwealth, with five licenses fully approved for new dispensaries due to open soon.  The Cannabis Control Commission has received 230 applications for retail dispensaries, and has given provisional li…Read More

  2. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn From Other States

    We looked in-depth at what’s going on in other states that have legalized recreational cannabis, and here’s the bottom line: contrary to what the opposition said, the sky has not fallen. Teens are not consuming more; crime, accidents and health issues have not grown appreciably. Making it too easy to grow cannabis commercially or open a recreational dispensary can cause some problems, as can m…Read More

  3. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn from Washington State

    Recreational cannabis was approved in Washington in 2012.  While Washington may have been one of the first states to approve recreational weed, it’s the most conservative in its regulations. Washington is the only state among those with legal weed that prohibits any home cultivation (Illinois permits only home cultivation for medical purposes). It also forbids home delivery and cannabis social …Read More

  4. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn from Oregon

    Recreational cannabis was approved in Oregon in 2014, with legal sales beginning in October 2015. Commercial grow licenses were deliberately made easy to acquire in the hope that black market growers would be brought into the legal mainstream. The result has been a glut of cannabis in the state—one estimate says there is a 6.5 year supply. That’s good news for consumers, who pay about 2/3 what…Read More

  5. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn from Colorado

    Colorado was the first state in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis.  Since legalization went into force in 2014, the state has been seen as a leader in the cannabis field. Contrary to what many feared, five+ years of legal cannabis has not led to massive increases in consumption, illnesses, fatalities or crime in Colordao.   Consumption among adults is up about 14%, from 13.6% to 15.5…Read More

  6. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn From California

    In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis; in 2016 it legalized recreational use as well. While the state took a slightly different approach than Massachusetts in some of its regulations, it’s moved faster on some fronts, and so is an interesting bellwether for where we may be in a few years. The bottom line: high taxes and local bans on dispensaries have retarded t…Read More

  7. Hemp-Derived CBD Products Now Illegal in Massachusetts

    So often it seems we take two steps forward, and then one back. The 2018 Farm Bill took hemp off the federal controlled substances list, effectively making it legal, and accelerating hemp-derived CBD sales across the country. Last year, full cannabis legalization went into effect in Massachusetts, making it legal to purchase cannabis-derived CBD at recreational cannabis stores and medical cannabis…Read More

  8. Fringe Medical Group Wants Stricter Control of Cannabis

    An anti-cannabis group, the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance, sent a statement recently to public officials, warning of possible mental health risks of cannabis consumption. Alarmist in tone, the statement, signed by 40 clinicians and researchers primarily from the addiction treatment field, focused on the psychological dangers of cannabis, which are relatively rare, ignored its positive health b…Read More

  9. New Breathalyzer Technology in Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts, the legalization of adult use of cannabis has left legislators and law enforcement scrambling to solidify methods for determining if a driver is impaired. Studies have shown that cannabis impairs judgement, motor coordination, and slows reaction times. Therefore, some believe that driving while impaired by cannabis can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. However, these substan…Read More

  10. Cannabis Law in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts wants to do legal cannabis the right way. Interestingly enough, Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to formally criminalize recreational cannabis. A century later, in 2016, they joined the short list of states to legalize it. Massachusetts now joins 9 other states and the District of Columbia, who have all legalized recreational cannabis. The majority of states in the U.S. have de…Read More