We think of summer as a laid-back time, but it can also be hot, buggy and crowded. Fall, on the other hand, has many surprising virtues: it’s crisp, cool and invigorating. There are tons of things to do, and most of them are way more fun with a little weed added to the experience. Here are just a few things to try in the city, country, beach or at home. If going by car, make sure you have a designated driver. Everyone partaking? Get an Uber or Lyft, or better yet, take public transportation.

1. Have one last beach party

If you think beach season ends with Labor Day, think again. They’re all open, and the crowds are gone. Early fall is a great time for a beach BBQ. Clear blue skies, dry air, weather in the 60’s through most of October. On a sunny day you can catch some rays, play beach games (without annoying any neighbors) or just chill-out and watch the waves roll in. A few snack edibles will set the right tone for the day. Feeling brave? Take a dip—the water’s no colder than July.

Late in the afternoon, fire up a portable grill, cook some burgers and dogs and watch the setting sun turn the surf a pearly pink. When twilight comes, wrap up in blankets, pass a pre-roll around, and enjoy the celestial show as it emerges in the sky above.

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2. Kayak a tidal river

They say cannabis is good for exercise, and can help you focus during repetitive motion sports, like running and biking. That makes it a great enhancement for kayaking as well. If you’re within a reasonable drive of the ocean, try a tidal river (if not, put in on a nearby lake). Paddling high

through a slow-moving stream can be a truly serene experience: the quiet lap of water on your boat; the subtle colors of marsh grass turning from green to bronze; watching water birds in their element. Get a tide app first—you’ll want to time your put-in so that you’re paddling with, not against the tide. Ideally, you’ll paddle until it changes and then paddle back with the water helping you. Bring a simple picnic lunch—you’ll be amazed at how tasty a sandwich or some cold fried chicken can be when you’ve paddled for an hour or two. If you’ve consumed a CBD-rich strain, you’ll have the added bonus of less soreness in your arms and shoulders when you get home!

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3. Host your own Octoberfest

You don’t have to go all the way to Munich to enjoy Octoberfest—you can host one in your own backyard. You’ll need to rent some long tables and chairs, and buy disposable checked table cloths, paper plates and plastic beer cups (or ask your guests to bring their own beer steins). Get a keg or two of good German beer, like Spaten or Hacker-Pschorr, or German-style beer from a local craft brewery. Add soft pretzels, sauerkraut and an assortment of sausages. And don’t forget music! You can stream classic German oompah bands on Spotify, radio.com or YouTube. Feeling like splurging? Hire an accordion player. When everyone’s had a stein or two, light your grill, pass-around some pre-rolls and weed-infused cheese spread and crackers, and you’ve got the start of a boisterous afternoon. To keep things lively, add some games, like horseshoes or cornhole toss, or challenge your guests to beer stein races. Yah, yah, yah, YAH!

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4. Pick apples

Get a little buzz on and head to the nearest you-pick-it orchard—it’s a blast with or without kids. There’s something intoxicating about an orchard in fall—the bounty of trees full of ripe apples, the slightly sour smell of fallen fruit, the drone of yellow jackets (don’t swipe at them, and they won’t sting you), the sight of families having fun. Apple picking is a bit of a treasure hunt—finding the trees that haven’t been stripped bare, plucking off the ripest looking fruit, filling a basket to the brim. If you’ve taken some edibles before leaving the house, they’ll probably kick in just as you finish your picking. That’s when the orchard’s store will come into its own—homemade donuts, apple fritters, cider, local cheddar cheese, maple sugar candy—yum! You’re sure to take the spirit of the day back home with you.

If you have kids, most orchards have activities for them as well as picking, like face painting and hay rides. Yes, there is still such as thing as good, old-fashioned, low-tech fun! Well, of course, you will want to post all your selfies…

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5. Turn a rainy weekend into a themed movie festival

OK, so, not every fall day is crisp and blue. Some are wet and dank—especially as we get into November. Bummed by the thought of a weekend indoors? Turn a liability into an asset by hosting your own in-home movie festival. This is a perfect opportunity to put Cannabis indica’s notorious couch potato-inducing qualities to advantage. Choose a theme, like greatest car chase scenes, the best vampire movies or classic westerns, or pick a place, like movies filmed in China, or a favorite director or star. Choose all the flics yourself or ask friends to suggest their favorites. Planning food and beverages to fit the movies (like blood-red cocktails for vampire movies, or Dim Sum for movies that take place in China) will add to the festivities. If you’re going to serve edibles be careful how strong the infusion—popcorn with infused butter might sound great, but guests with munchies might consume a little more than they’d like. Dressing for parts, or wearing appropriate costumes is optional.

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