While red tape may be keeping dispensary openings in Massachusetts to a snail’s pace, the unregulated side of recreational cannabis—what some are calling the Pot Leisure Economy—is starting to take off.

Area chefs are offering private tasting events with cannabis infused gourmet fare.  A pre-Thanksgiving meal hosted by Mass Cannabis Chefs last fall included spaghetti squash carbonara, smoked duck soup, braised turkey breast and red, white & blue mousse. Already getting the munchies?  Check out their up-coming dinners at www.masscannabischefs.com.

Looking for a place where you can go for the weekend that’s weed friendly?  Consider Maine Greenyards, where you can enjoy their comfortable guest suites, an indoor pool & jacuzzi and farm-to-table breakfasts.  You can find more such places at www.budandbreakfast.com, a pot-friendly take on Airbnb.

Savvy entrepreneurs are beginning to see how cannabis can enhance a wide range of leisure experiences, and with it, their bottom line.  In this Boston Globe Magazine article, “6 marijuana-infused things to do in New England” you can read about innovative cannabis-themed activities, including fine dining, weekend getaways, gardening, art programs, yoga and muscle toning.