A cannabis grow tent from our in-home cannabis cultivation service in Massachusetts

Evan sent me a spreadsheet with detailed daily care instructions, which I’ve been following diligently. Misting, which I do every day, is a piece of cake—takes me about two minutes each morning.

For watering, which I do every third day, Evan left me what looks like a cross between a giant hypodermic and a pool water toy. Yesterday, I filled it from the water reservoir under the planting bench to about 500 ml for each pot and released the water across the top of the clear plastic cups covering each seed; the water runs down the sides into the soil around and then under each cup. When we set up the garden last week, Evan demonstrated this technique, and told me to do it this way to disperse the water evenly and avoid disturbing the seeds. Watering nine pots took me about ten minutes. When I was done watering, I lifted each plastic cup to mist inside, and was surprised to see that seeds had germinated in each pot—I have baby weed!