Drying My Weed

After drying for 10+ days, it was time last week to move on to curing. First off Evan shut the exhaust and circulation fans down in the grow tent. Strangely quiet after 12 weeks of steady whirring…

Then we took the hanging stalks down, one strain at a time. As we’d made a lot of the Jack Herer into hash, we only had one string of stalks, so we began with that. We carefully snipped the buds from the stalks, removing as much of the small connector stalks as possible. When finished, we weighed it all and popped the stalk-free buds into one of the six 64-ounce jars Evan provided. Didn’t quite fill the first jar, but still a decent amount of this tasty sativa-dominant hybrid—1.2oz.

Next up we tackled the OG Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid, where we had two strings of stalks to snip and bottle. Evan took one, I took the other. This time we filled the first and nearly filled the second, with 3.0oz. between them. Last we took on the two stalk strings of Critical CBD, a lower THC/High CBD strain (about 7% each). Again, we filled the first jar and nearly filled the second. This strain weighed the most—3.15oz.!

We’d saved all the small leaves we’d clipped off the buds during the harvest and dried them on a Tupperware tray in the grow tent. These filled another jar almost to the brim (about 1.2 oz.). Evan said he’d help me process these later for other uses.

Lastly, we weighed-up the hash Evan had made at the harvest party, now nicely dried, and put it into small glass jars and covered each with foil and elastic bands to keep the moisture out. Quite a bit all told—12.5g. between them, especially the Jack Herer, which weighed 7g. and filled more than half of a jar. This jar alone might suffice for my use for the next few months!

While the bud still needs to cure for three weeks, the hash is pretty much ready to go, so a little later that day, after Evan had gone, I couldn’t resist trying a small sample of the Critical CBD hash before going to the health club—I got a nice buzz off three small hits, with the added bonus of much less soreness in my recently replaced new right knee!

You can see from the photographs I have a lot of weed and hash—when thoroughly cured, I plan to share at least half of what I have with friends and family who helped with the harvest.