Nine weeks of growth in a grow tent from our in-home cannabis service in Massachusetts

A quiet week here on the farm. Evan came yesterday and said my plants were doing quite well—full into the flowering stage, with nice big buds developing. After the inspection, he took each plant out and trimmed back almost a third of the foliage—this will put more plant energy into bud growth and resin development during the final two weeks leading up to harvest—then returned them to the grow tent where I gave each 1500ml of water.

I’ve had a number of visitors recently who were eager to see what I’m growing. Of course, I took them up to my office, which is dark in the evening, unzipped the grow tent front flap and revealed the garden within. It’s quiet a spectacle to behold—this intense, bright interior with six bud-laden plants growing up almost to the light, followed by a waft of resinous weed scent. I usually get gasps, then comments like “My god they’re much lusher then I expected!”, “Look at all that weed!” and “You grew all this in just three months?” I explain that Evan did all the hard work, but I did water and helped a bit with the trimming, so can claim these as mine…

Working on ideas for a harvest party and recruiting friends and relatives to help. Just two weeks away!