Nearly fully grown cannabis plants in a grow tent from our cultivation service in Massachusetts

I have to confess to a bit of neglect. Misty and I went down to Long island to visit her sister for the weekend, and left my cannabis garden un-watered for three days. I’m afraid, with their rapid growth, they were pretty thirsty, and may have exhausted their water by Sunday morning, as I saw quite a few yellowing leaves when I unzipped the grow tent Monday morning!

Turns out this wasn’t as much of a problem as I feared. When Evan visited Tuesday, he said he’d been planning to do a serious pruning anyway, and most of the yellowing leaves were inner and lower leaves and so would have yellowed-up regardless of watering. I gave him a hand, and in about ten minutes we had all six plants trimmed up. A few plants had grown up close to the light, so we trained those down to protect them, and we raised the light to the maximum height. According to Evan, everything is going well—the plants are now covered with a lot of healthy-looking buds, which are filling out a little more each day.

I can hardly wait–less than 30 days to harvest!