10 weeks of growth in a grow tent from our in-home cannabis service in Massachusetts

Evan visited today and we defoliated my plants. As someone who grew up during the Vietnam war, the word “defoliation” immediately conjures up images of U.S bombers dropping Napalm on the jungle. This exercise in defoliation couldn’t have been any farther from that scene of destruction. Think instead of kindly, nurturing gardeners, carefully removing unnecessary leaves—pretty much every easy to access leaf that wasn’t covered in trichomes—so that the plants can focus their full attention this last 10 days on bud growth and resin production.

While working on a plant Evan gave me to defoliate, one of the stalks rested on my knee. I was amazed by the amount of bud visible, and the weight of the stalk. That one stalk alone could keep me in weed for a month or more! I’ve included a shot of one of my plants so you can see what it looks like with about half the leaves removed, exposing the now-burgeoning buds to more light.

I’m working on pulling together a harvest party for later this month. Many friends and relatives who live nearby have been watching the progress of my garden with amazement, and are eager to help with the harvest work. Pizza, beer, weed, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, some classic tunes?