A month of growth in a cannabis grow tent from our in-home cannabis cultivation service client

Last week was quite a busy week in my cannabis garden. Right before the long 4th of July weekend, we culled out the three weakest plants (one each of Jack Herer, OG Kush and Critical CBD) to make more grow room for the six strongest plants. A hard choice! Only one of the nine original plants would have qualified as a “runt”—the other two we chose to cull were just a fraction shorter and had maybe one less branch each. Hard to throw these still-healthy looking plants away. My wife and I considered transplanting the culls to our backyard veggie beds, but decided space there was at a premium, too, and when the weed is harvested towards the end of summer, it will be nice to celebrate with a BBQ and fresh produce and salads. They went into the composter, and will help fertilize next spring’s crop of veggies..

After the cull, we re-spaced the plants, and then used plastic-covered bendy wires to train the center stalks over to a 90 degree angle. Evan explained that this keeps the height of the plants in bounds, and signals the plants to put more energy into side branching; with more side branches the plants will create, in a few weeks, many more resinous buds.

You can see from the photo I took after yesterday’s watering, how quickly the plants have grown, and how many branches we have on each after just five days!