Close up of young cannabis plant from one of our home grow service customers in Massachusetts

Evan and Bill, the founders of Home Grow Community, came this morning to install my grow tent. After checking out different rooms, we decided my second floor office would be the best place for it—the tent fits nicely in front of the fireplace, with plenty of room to walk by, and with a bathroom nearby, it will be easy for me to get water and tend the plants in the morning before I start work. I helped them bring in the equipment, and then watched as they began to assemble the grow tent. Fascinating to see all the parts come together! It’s quite a well-thought out machine for growing, with a light-weight hollow tube structure, platform, water reservoir, rigging, lights, fan, and climate monitor all contained in a zip-up black woven plastic case that looks to be about 4’X4’X’6.

As a gardener myself, I was interested to watch Evan plant and water my seeds (Jack Herer, OG Kush, and Critical CBD, which will give me a mix of Sativa, Indica and CBD-rich strains to try) and learn what he does to assure successful germination. Over 40 years of gardening, I’ve had my share of successes and failures, so it was reassuring to hear from a professional what works for cannabis, and what to avoid. Once planted, Evan showed me the proper way to mist each day and water every third.

The whole process of assembly and seed planting took a little less than two hours.

All done, we zipped-up and locked the grow tent. Bill explained that Mass law requires the tents be locked when not being tended, and Home Grow Community is scrupulous about following the law. The internal fan gave off a low whir, and a few rays of light came from the filter near the floor, but otherwise, you’d have no idea a fully-functioning cannabis garden was sitting five feet from my desk.

After Evan and Bill left, I couldn’t resist unzipping the tent and taking a peek at my garden. Very exciting—I can hardly wait to see the seeds sprout and grow into luscious weed!