One of the first decisions you will make when you start growing cannabis is whether you would like to grow indoors or outdoors. Cannabis has been grown outdoors for centuries, but prohibition has created a need for indoor cultivation. Now that growing cannabis in Massachusetts is legal, home growers can use their discretion to decide which is best for their needs. 

Outdoors may not be realistic for all depending on the space, but if you have the option, you may be curious as to whether it would be better for your plants to grow inside your home or in your backyard. Here are some considerations to make when it comes to your decision. 

Control of the Environment

One of the biggest advantages of growing indoors over outdoors is how much control you have over the environment your cannabis plant is in. When you grow inside, you can completely dictate the temperature, light, CO2 production, and humidity of your grow space, allowing you to create a more stable environment for your plants.   

It’s typical for cannabis buds grown indoors to be more aesthetically pleasing and to yield higher percentages of THC. However, no light bulb can precisely replicate sunlight, which means that indoor gardens will not produce as many plants. That being said, to grow outside requires a climate that supports cannabis growth — plenty of sun and heat with little humidity. This means that Massachusetts doesn’t naturally lend itself to the outdoor cannabis garden. 

That being said, indoor gardening has certain disadvantages to consider. Precisely replicating the natural environment indoors isn’t possible, and this can be at the disadvantage of indoor gardeners. For example, outdoors, cannabis plants have natural pest control in the form of ants, ladybugs, and wasps in the area. If a plant gets spider mites in an indoor grow space, it’s much harder for a grower to control.  


Growing cannabis is an investment whether you set up your space indoors or outdoors. In general, your outdoor grow space will cost more upfront, but can become inexpensive over time, but indoor gardens will continue to have the same operating costs. That being said, growing indoors allows you to grow several different strains at once, and strains that may not be possible to grow outdoors. This makes the added cost worth it for many home growers. 


Having greater control over your environment generally translates to a higher quality product, so indoor cannabis tends to be better than outdoor cannabis. Bud grow indoors is not only more cosmetically attractive, a controlled environment makes it easier for the terpenes and terpenoids to fully mature, leading to tastier flavors and aromas. Cannabis that is grown inside also doesn’t have to combat the elements the way an outdoor crop does. 

That being said, there are some consumers who prefer sun-grown cannabis even if it doesn’t look as pristine as indoor buds. Now that cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, the quality of outdoor cannabis may go up because growing outdoors was previously a risk that caused many growers to rush through the harvesting and curing process. 


Outdoor grown buds are generally bigger than those grown indoors. This is because cannabis has more space to adapt to the outdoor conditions than bud grown inside. However, this does not impact the quality of the cannabis itself. 

Time and Effort 

For many growers, getting to harvest as quickly as possible is the priority. Growing cannabis indoors enables you to grow bud quicker than outdoors. When growing outdoors, you are cultivating cannabis for an entire season, but indoors, you can control the environment and facilitate quicker grow time. 

Regardless of whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors, home growing cannabis in Massachusetts involves a strong knowledge base. We’re happy to help you by regularly posting relevant articles. If you need more hands on assistance, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our cannabis cultivation service. 



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