You may have attended a wine tasting or enjoyed a flight of beer at a brewery, but cannabis tastings are a relatively new festivity that is quickly catching on in legal states. While cannabis has been a central component of many social situations, a cannabis tasting shifts the spotlight onto the plant. Now instead of ducking outside to enjoy a joint mid-party with a few open-minded pals, these cannabis tasting events encourage everyone to delight in bud publicly and proudly.  

A cannabis-tasting event is ideal for a homegrower, as you have a bounty to share with as many folks as you like. If you are new to growing cannabis, you might throw a cannabis tasting upon processing your first harvest to celebrate with your of-age friends and family.  

To create a shindig that is both satisfying and safe, here are some tips for hosting a cannabis tasting for the books.  

Picking the Right Strains 

Perhaps the most important consideration you will make when creating your cannabis tasting is which strains to offer your guests to sample. It’s tempting to just pick your four or five favorites, but it’s best to consider the impact each strain will have, in order to make sure consuming them all in the same evening is an enjoyable experience. For example, if you were to pick solely indicas, you would likely have your guests in a puddle on the couch by the end of the evening.  

Instead, think about the progression of the evening. Beginning with an invigorating sativa may spark some lively conversation among your guests, while you might choose a strain that is more likely to stimulate the appetite before the main course. Choosing a CBD-heavy strain for the middle is wise as to prevent anyone from getting too high, and finishing with an indica as a nightcap is a great way to send your guests home relaxed and ready for sleep.  

Pair Thoughtfully 

Next, you will want to think about what you should pair with the cannabis. The food you serve provides you with a wonderful opportunity to get creative.  

You might choose to infuse your menu with cannabis, though be sure to proceed with caution. If there are multiple courses, it’s best to either keep the doses very low, or only infuse one or two to avoid getting your guests too high. For example, you could serve a cannabis-infused amuse-bouche to kick off the party, or cap the night off with a delectable dessert (Chocolate Truffles, anyone?).    

To properly pair cannabis with food, it’s important to have an understanding of terpenes and which flavors they pair best with. Check out our previous article to get a general overview of terpenes so you can better understand how to pair your cannabis with different flavors.  

Side note: skip the alcohol for this soiree. While some guests may have no problem imbibing while ingesting cannabis, this can be an unfortunate combination for many. It’s best to keep these separate rather than risk an adverse reaction.  

Method of Consumption 

It’s also crucial to think about how your guests will consume the cannabis they are tasting. After all, the flavor of the cannabis will be different if you were to, say, dab as opposed to smoke a joint. If possible, providing each guest with a vape pen would allow them to fully taste the terpenes in the cannabis but prevent the flavor from lingering too long. In addition, vaping, like smoking, provides a short-term high compared to an edible, which would provide your guests the opportunity to sample each strain and experience its full effect.   

Alternatively, you may want to lay out a variety of options so your guests can choose for themselves. A selection of prerolls, concentrates, flower, and glass pipes of various sizes would give each individual full agency over their own experience.  

Anticipate Needs 

Different strains have different side effects, so it’s best to educate yourself on the ways cannabis may affect your guests so you can attend to their needs. For example, some strains stimulate creativity, so it would be thoughtful to have notepads with colored pencils on hand for your more artsy guests. On the less-fun side of things, some of your guests may have an anxious reaction to your higher THC strains, so keeping some CBD on hand and having a calm and quiet place they can escape to is a thoughtful way to accommodate these individuals. Think critically about the strains you offer and what your guests will need under their influence.  

Consider Ambiance 

Finally, work to create an ambiance that reflects the nature of the event. Feel free to get creative and choose a theme, or simply focus on making your space one that will be extraordinary on cannabis. Lighting is a wonderful way to create ambiance without much effort, perhaps with a colored light bulb and some twinkly lights.   

Of course, your music selection is of the utmost importance. You don’t want anything that will be too overwhelming or sinister for your more paranoid guests. Aim for something low-key, upbeat, and nothing too fast-paced or loud.   

Finally, make sure to create a space that will provide your guests with a level of comfort that allows them to relax and connect with others. After dinner, your guests will likely want to retreat into a cozy place where they can enjoy their high and the company of others. Put together a space with comfortable seats, throw pillows, and blankets for post-dinner lounging.  

Regardless of what you choose for your cannabis tasting event, we hope you will use this opportunity to offer a selection of your finest home grown. If you’re looking for more guidance on growing cannabis in Massachusetts, feel free to reach out to us.   




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