1. Update on Vaping

    What had been a series of isolated vaping illnesses became a serious health concern when the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported in mid September that number of vape-related cases had exceeded 500, with eight confirmed deaths. The growth of nicotine vaping, especially among teens,…Read More

  2. The Anti-inflammatory Properties of Cannabis

    Of all the reported healing powers of cannabis, none is more promising than its potential as an anti-inflammatory. Research into the human endocannabinoid system explains how cannabinoids produced within the body activate specialized receptors, reducing the production of pro-inflammatory signaling c…Read More

  3. The Analgesic Potential of Cannabis

    While some cultures have used cannabis for centuries to relieve pain, it’s only recently, with the legalization of medical marijuana in so many U.S. states, that its potential analgesic (pain relief) properties have become widely known.  Studies on the human endocannabinoid system in 1992 identif…Read More

  4. Cannabis and Holistic Health

    In the rush to embrace the healing power of cannabis—to use it to fight inflammation, mitigate the effects of chemotherapy—we run the risk of repeating the mistakes of pharma-based medicine, which treats problems in isolation. Instead, many believe we should consider a holistic approach, where a…Read More

  5. Cannabis and Nutrition

    During cannabis prohibition, hardly anyone thought of the nutritional value of weed. More likely, if the issue came up, cannabis was seen as an agent of indulgence—if you ever ate it, it was in something fattening like a fudge brownie, and when you smoked it, it gave you the munchies, leading to b…Read More

  6. Are Commercial Vape Cartridges Safe?

    Many cannabis consumers have switched from smoking to vaping, believing that vaping is healthier than smoking. If the concentrate is pure, vaping is safer than smoking, because vaping heats and atomizes the cannabis concentrate at lower temperatures, and so does not release the potentially harmful f…Read More

  7. Responsible Cannabis Use

    At Home Grow Community, we believe cannabis has positive impact on human health and well-being—it increases creativity, opens minds to new ideas, elevates mood, enhances sensory experiences, relaxes and energizes, relieves chronic pain, and helps treat a myriad of physical and mental health condit…Read More

  8. Alcohol vs. Cannabis

    One of our founder Evan’s favorite podcasts is “Stuff You Should Know”, which covers an amazing cross-section of topics, from animals,to neuroscience to true crime. Last year they released a podcast comparing the impact on human health of alcohol and cannabis titled “Alcohol vs. Marijuana: W…Read More