1. Massage Therapy & CBD

    With growing public interest in the health benefits of CBD, a number of local spas and massage therapists here in Massachusetts, such as Interlock in Newburyport, E-motion Sports Massage in Everett and Saltwater Massage in Gloucester, have introduced CBD-infused massage as part of their offerings. C…Read More

  2. Is Cannabis Right for Your Yoga Practice?

    There’s a long, historic connection between ganja (cannabis) and Indian spiritual practices that goes back almost two thousand years. Sadhus—Indian ascetics who’ve renounced the material world—believe ganja to be a sacred plant that benefits mind, body and spirit. In states where cannabis is…Read More

  3. Wanted: Coaches Who Understand Cannabis

    With some form of cannabis legal in all but five U.S. states, American attitudes—and consumption—are rapidly changing. After years of demonization, cannabis is moving fast into the mainstream. If you’re a health, life or wellness coach, at least half of your clients could be considering cannab…Read More