1. Debunking Cannabis Myths – Part 3

    Another in our occasional series on common understandings about cannabis. Myth 7: CBD is non-psychoactive Technically, CBD is non-psychoactive—it doesn’t create euphoria, cravings or compulsion, and its use is non-impairing. It does, though have positive impact on the brain, reducing anxiety, ps…Read More

  2. Debunking Cannabis Myths – Part 2

    This is Part 2 of an occasional series of posts on common understandings of cannabis. Myth 4: THC kills brain cells This myth originated with a now discredited study of three monkeys, claiming to show brain abnormalities after dosing with high amounts of cannabis. Subsequent, larger studies with mon…Read More

  3. Debunking Cannabis Myths – Part 1

    Myth 1: Cannabis leads to harder drugs There are no scientific studies linking cannabis use with adoption of hard drugs. Behavior in the 1980’s suggests an inverse relationship—while cannabis use declined, cocaine soared. Recent studies show a 33% decline in opioid overdoses in states where medi…Read More