1. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn From Other States

    We looked in-depth at what’s going on in other states that have legalized recreational cannabis, and here’s the bottom line: contrary to what the opposition said, the sky has not fallen. Teens are not consuming more; crime, accidents and health issues have not grown appreciably. Making it too ea…Read More

  2. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Ten

    Evan visited today and we defoliated my plants. As someone who grew up during the Vietnam war, the word “defoliation” immediately conjures up images of U.S bombers dropping Napalm on the jungle. This exercise in defoliation couldn’t have been any farther from that scene of destruction. Think i…Read More

  3. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Nine

    A quiet week here on the farm. Evan came yesterday and said my plants were doing quite well—full into the flowering stage, with nice big buds developing. After the inspection, he took each plant out and trimmed back almost a third of the foliage—this will put more plant energy into bud growth an…Read More

  4. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Eight

    I look forward to Evan’s visits each week, because he answers all the questions I’ve saved up for him. My first question for him was, when I watered two days before, I noticed some yellow leaves, mostly lower down on the plants. Was that a sign of a problem? If the yellowing occurred throughout …Read More

  5. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Seven

    I have to confess to a bit of neglect. Misty and I went down to Long island to visit her sister for the weekend, and left my cannabis garden un-watered for three days. I’m afraid, with their rapid growth, they were pretty thirsty, and may have exhausted their water by Sunday morning, as I saw quit…Read More

  6. Where to Grow Cannabis at Home

    In Massachusetts, you can only grow cannabis in a locked room or enclosed space. Unless you have a lockable greenhouse or walled/fenced garden, that pretty much rules out growing outdoors in soil, which is OK, as indoor growing is faster and yields better results. If growing indoors, you’ll need t…Read More

  7. Can CBD Really Do All That?

    Read the feature article in the May 19th issue of The New York Times Magazine, and you’re likely to come away thinking, as we did, “Yes…!” At Home Grow Community, we’ve been pro-CBD for quite a while because we’ve seen, personally, it’s power to provide relief from anxiety, chronic pai…Read More

  8. Looking for CBD or THC alone? Think again.

    With the whole plant, cannabis delivers an entourage effect. If you’ve read anything about cannabis recently, you’ve probably heard about the many promising benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) in treating cancer, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and chronic pain, and the option of purchasing “buzz-free…Read More