1. Home Grow Community Featured in North Shore Daily

    The Newburyport Daily News featured a story today on our founder, Evan Heenehan. The piece, written by staff writer Paul Leighton, explained how Evan came to found the company, and how he learned to grow cannabis indoors—a not insignificant feat, given how tricky it can actually be. Evan described…Read More

  2. Legal Cannabis: What We Can Learn from Washington State

    Recreational cannabis was approved in Washington in 2012.  While Washington may have been one of the first states to approve recreational weed, it’s the most conservative in its regulations. Washington is the only state among those with legal weed that prohibits any home cultivation (Illinois per…Read More

  3. Cannabis-Enhanced Fall Produce Recipes

    We love fall for the cooler weather, changing leaves, and perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to get back into the kitchen. Long gone are the days when it was too hot to make anything but a pasta salad; now it’s time to turn on the oven and fill your table with autumnal delights. Fortunately…Read More

  4. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week 12

    Drying My Weed After drying for 10+ days, it was time last week to move on to curing. First off Evan shut the exhaust and circulation fans down in the grow tent. Strangely quiet after 12 weeks of steady whirring… Then we took the hanging stalks down, one strain at a time. As we’d made a lot of t…Read More

  5. Processing cannabis for our in-home cannabis cultivation service in Massachusetts

    B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week 11

    Harvest! Last Friday a group of family and friends joined us for a working harvest celebration. Evan, Bill and I cut down my plants, placed the bud-laden stalks into bins for each of the three types I’d grown (Jack Herrer, OG Kush and Critical CBD), emptied the soil into my compost pile, and then …Read More

  6. The Anti-inflammatory Properties of Cannabis

    Of all the reported healing powers of cannabis, none is more promising than its potential as an anti-inflammatory. Research into the human endocannabinoid system explains how cannabinoids produced within the body activate specialized receptors, reducing the production of pro-inflammatory signaling c…Read More

  7. A grow tent from our in-home cannabis cultivation service after 6 weeks of growth

    B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week Six

    I’m amazed at the progress my plants have made in the past six weeks! As I told Evan, if they were any more robust, they’d unzip the tent, fetch their own water and water themselves… Yesterday we took my six plants out of the grow tent so we’d have better access to each for trimming and trai…Read More

  8. Indoor Growing v. Outdoor Growing: Which is Better?

    One of the first decisions you will make when you start growing cannabis is whether you would like to grow indoors or outdoors. Cannabis has been grown outdoors for centuries, but prohibition has created a need for indoor cultivation. Now that growing cannabis in Massachusetts is legal, home growers…Read More