1. B. Rutter Customer Experience Journal — Week 12

    Drying My Weed After drying for 10+ days, it was time last week to move on to curing. First off Evan shut the exhaust and circulation fans down in the grow tent. Strangely quiet after 12 weeks of steady whirring… Then we took the hanging stalks down, one strain at a time. As we’d made a lot of t…Read More

  2. Where to Grow Cannabis at Home

    In Massachusetts, you can only grow cannabis in a locked room or enclosed space. Unless you have a lockable greenhouse or walled/fenced garden, that pretty much rules out growing outdoors in soil, which is OK, as indoor growing is faster and yields better results. If growing indoors, you’ll need t…Read More

  3. Looking for CBD or THC alone? Think again.

    With the whole plant, cannabis delivers an entourage effect. If you’ve read anything about cannabis recently, you’ve probably heard about the many promising benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) in treating cancer, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and chronic pain, and the option of purchasing “buzz-free…Read More

  4. Cannabis and Parenting

    In an article in Parents, “Weed and the American Family,” you’ll discover how open many U.S. parents are about their cannabis use today. Based on a Yahoo/Marist College poll of 1,122 U.S. adults, the article offers some surprising findings: 54% of pot smokers are parents, and 30% have children…Read More

  5. The World Health Organization and Cannabis Classifications

    In a move that could have global implications for the future of cannabis, health experts from the United Nations are advocating for the formal rescheduling of the whole plant under international drug treaties. According to a Boston Globe article, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends change…Read More